Women Security Initiative

In view of extremely unfortunate recent events it has become imperative to organise an initiative that can provide women under one umbrella, safety & security while not hindering their independence in any way. This would entail setting up of–

  • a transport system that is secure & under close monitoring of authorities.
  • an on call personal vehicle system to allow women to move about at any time and to places not accessed by public transport system.
  • safe havens at roadsides so that to enable women to wait for other arrangements without putting themselves at risk.

Novlok Welfare Society is considering an initiative to meet all the above requirements. Novlok Welfare Society plans to arrange a fleet of public transport vehicles, to be manned by ex-servicemen who shall be registered with Novlok Welfare Society and whose particulars will be forwarded to police. These vehicles will be equipped with GPS and CCTV and will especially ply on routes where public transport is scant.

There shall also be a limited no. of personal vehicles which will act as pick up-and-drop vehicles  for those who make a call for it.

Under the initiative Novlok Welfare Society also plan to set up a number of shelter-points where women may wait while waiting for their own arrangements. These shelter-points will have adequate security arrangements.