Ambulance Fleet

Novlok Welfare Society plans to start Ambulance Fleet, starting in New Delhi and then expanding to other cities and regions of India.

This fleet shall comprise of two wings–one manned by paramedics to be used to transport Accident & Emergency cases, and the other to be used for purpose of transporting stable and non- critical patients, both to and from hospitals in places where proper transport is wanting.

There shall be setup a co-ordination centre that will have helpline numbers. The co-ordination centre shall have a few ambulances of either type stationed permanently to cater to need of those who call for ambulance. For the rest, the city shall be divided into grids with one ambulance stationed permanently per grid.

Hospitals shall be asked to register with the co-ordination centre and setup a line to exclusively receive calls from it. The ambulances shall have facility to hold three way communication with co-ordination centre and hospitals so as to keep hospitals informed of incoming patients’ condition and allow hospitals to be forearmed.

The hospitals to which a patient will be transported shall be chosen on a vicinity followed by roster basis.