Women Empowerment

शोचन्ति  जामयो  यत्र विनश्यत्याशु तत्कुलम् ।

न  शोचन्ति  तु  यत्रैता   वर्धते   तद्धि   सर्वदा ।

Women form one half of any community and the strength of the present and the nurture of the future of that community depend on how empowered the women of that community are. Unfortunately, our country–which is home to a culture that first apportioned equal, even better at times, status to women–has women living in pitiable state.

Women empowerment has always been one of the most important drives of the Novlok Welfare Society. At present, following activities and programs are being run by the Novlok Welfare Society towards this end.

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