Self Help Groups

Self Help Group (SHG) is a voluntary, democratic, homogenous group of 10-20 adults drawn from the same socio-economic background brought together to improve their socioeconomic condition by pooling their resources . Novlok Welfare Society has been running this activity for the last 7 years for the women. These women select their own leader and fix the tenure for such leadership. The group meet regularly,  take its own decisions, maintain their own records and have access to their own funds.
SHGs were started in Najafgarh area and emerged as effective  institution for supplementary credit delivery for the family. Many of the SHG members are now individually taking up micro enterprise activities for income generation. Through these SHGs we have been able to bring the credit to the doorstep of these poor  women  through Bank linkage.

Success of SHG in Najafgarh area encouraged us to diversify these activities geographically. Presently we run these SHGs not only in Najafgarh, but also in many cities and areas of Delhi, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh.

The approximate number of these SHGs in various areas takes the total up to 1000.

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