Health has always been one the primary concerns for Novlok Welfare Society. Firmly believing that only healthy individuals can contribute towards a better, stronger, prosperous nation, Novlok Welfare Society undertakes various projects and programmes to ensure delivery of proper health care to individuals across all segments of society.

Novlok Welfare Society runs a number of health related activities in its functional programmes such as holding Nutrition Camps, AIDS  Awareness Camps & Medical Camps in GRCs.

In addition there are a number of activities, dedicated in entirety to health.

Novlok Welfare Society runs Vaccination Camps, Free health check-up camps and Health Awareness Camps on regular basis to ensure that segments of society ignorant of good health practices should no longer remain so.

Novlok Welfare Society also runs Novlok Ayurvedic Clinic & Dispensary at its Head Offices in Bharat Vihar.

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