President’s Address

…ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.

–John Kennedy

Inaugural Address, 1961

Dear Friends,

We, at Novlok Welfare Society, addressed the issue of Social Development and public participation to achieve it. If we desire to have a better an prosperous nation, we need to inspire and aid all segments of our society to succeed. Persons who are successful should attempt to work towards betterment of nation and society.

Through our organisation we are trying to inculcate morals and encourage people to work hard for their progress while ensuring that the obstacles placed in their way due to social, economic or other such constraints no longer matter.

I seek participation of the people if my nation in order for us to achieve our goals and to make a better India.

I also wish our all staff to be successful in their lives through their sincerity, integrity, humility, courtesy, wisdom & charity.

I know that the path ahead is long but with your co-operation the task will be easy for us to achieve.

Thanking You

Dr. Y. K. Gupta